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PRINTED Custom Party Favors Individual items

PRINTED Custom Party Favors Individual items

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Create stunning personalized birthday party treat with our preprinted labels. Whether you're throwing a vibrant children's party or an elegant adult celebration, we have got you covered. With options for chip bags, rice krispie treats, juice bags, chocolate bars, water bottle labels, and fruit roll-ups, we can easily customize each label to match your theme and add a personal touch. The images are professionally designed, making it a breeze for you to assemble. Impress your guests with eye-catching treat labels that perfectly complement your party decor, ensuring a memorable and cohesive celebration.

Choose from 30 different treat or party favor options or bundle a few:

• Chip Bag Template
• Chocolate bar wrapper ( 1.5 Oz )
• Rice Bar Wrapper Template ( 0.7 Oz )
• Kit Kat Wrapper
• Ring Pop Wrapper
• Reese's Cup Wrapper
• Skittles Wrapper
• M&M Wrapper
• M&M mini's
• Starburst
• Welch's Fruit Snacks
• Juice pouch label Template
• Water Bottle label
• Simply Juice Lemonade or Orange Juice
• Juicy Juice Box
• Popcorn
• Chip can and lid cover
• Fruit Roll Wrapper
• Gable Box Labels
• Twix
• Mini Oreos
• Gatorade labels in both 12 oz and 20 oz options
• Nerds 1.65 oz box front labels and wrap around
• GoGo Squeeze
• Airheads
• Airhead Xtreme
• Pop Rocks
• 2.25 Inch Circle's (12 per page), stickers or cupcake toppers
All items are sold in sets of 12. You will receive 12 printed images for whichever treat/favor you choose.

All copyrights and trademarks of the character images belong to their respective owners and are "NOT" being sold in this listing but provided to you "free" of charge. This listing is for my time in making and creating something special for your event, 'NOT' to claim ownership over any characters being used.

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