Digital Planner Basics

Digital FAQ's

Digital Planners give teh experience of using a paper planner, but on an iPad or tablet. When you purchase a digital planner, notebook or journal, you will be receive a downloadable PDF file that you can use in a PDF annotation app. 

Popular Apps include:

For iPad Users: Goodnotes, Zoom Notes, Notability, Noteswriter(free)

For Android Users: Noteshelf, Xodo, Metmoji, Samsung Notes

Windows Surface Users: Drawboard Pro (the pro version is required to duplicate pages)


To use our digital planners, journals and notebooks you'll need:

  • A tablet or iPad device
  • A stylus
  • PDF annotation app (Goodnotes 5 is our favorite)

No. Our digital planners provide the experience of a paper planner, while using a device. All entries will need to be made via handwriting or typing in manually.


No, you can add as many pages as you will like. However your devices memory will ultimately determine the number of pages you can add. 

Once you have edited, added or deleted pages from your planners/notebooks/journals, we can no longer give advice on the functionality of your hyperlinked PDF. If you experience issues with your planner/notebook/journal after you have edited, we suggest you import a fresh blank copy and transfer your data to the new copy.