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Let's Go Party Retro Barbie Birthday Party Favor Templates

Let's Go Party Retro Barbie Birthday Party Favor Templates

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Celebrate birthdays in style with the Lets Go Party Retro Barbie Birthday Party Favor Templates Bundle. Comes pre-loaded with editable Canva designs to create unique, personalized party favors. Mix and match the templates to create custom and fun-filled birthday experiences.

Whether you're throwing a vibrant children's party or an elegant adult celebration, our templates have got you covered. With options for chip bags, rice krispie treats, juice bags, chocolate bars, water bottle labels, and fruit roll-ups, you can easily customize each label to match your theme and add a personal touch. The templates are professionally designed, making it a breeze to edit text, colors, and images. Impress your guests with eye-catching treat labels that perfectly complement your party decor, ensuring a memorable and cohesive celebration.

All Templates are sized to print on a standard letter size sheet (8.5"x11").
You can choose from 26 designed templates files  to edit and customize as you choose:

• Chip Bag Template
• Chocolate bar wrapper ( 1.5 Oz )
• Rice Bar Wrapper Template ( 0.7 Oz )
• Kit Kat Wrapper
• Ring Pop Wrapper
• Reese's Cup Wrapper
• Skittles Wrapper
• M&M Wrapper
• Juice pouch label Template
• Water Bottle label
• GoGo Squeeze
• Chip can and lid cover
• Fruit Roll Wrapper
• Gable Box Labels
• Welch's Fruit Snacks
• Teddy Grahams
• Animal Crackers
• Goldfish Crackers
• Popcorn Label
• Simply Lemonade/Orange Juice 11.3oz
• Juicy Juice Box 4.3oz
• Starburst
• M&M mini's 1.7 oz
• Tic Tacs
• Chapstick
• 2.25 Inch Circle's (12 per page)

This template matches our beautiful Birthday Party Invitation available:

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